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The General Sales Terms below apply to the Italian territory only and to all sales. Use of Services is permitted only to a registered user who:

– Read our Privacy Policy
– Accepted the General Conditions
– Created an account on Mangiare Bere Uomo Donna
– Is at least 18 years old

These terms apply to the sale of products marketed through the website wwwmangiarebereuomodonna.com. All purchase contracts for products concluded on this site between the Seller and the Customer will be governed by these General Sales Terms.
Contracts concluded on the Site are governed by the Italian law and, in particular, by the Legislative Decree 6 September 2005, no. 206 (hereinafter “Consumption Code”).


Mangiare Bere Uomo Donna is a virtual shop accessible via an internet connection at https://www.mangiarebereuomodonna.com

Mangiare Bere Uomo Donna di Leali Corrado
Viale Zonta 19
46029 Suzzara MN – Italy
Cell 334 8806508
P. IVA 02291090203
Email: info@mangiarebereuomodonna.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MangiareBereUomoDonnaSuzzara/
Sito: www.mangiarebereuomodonna.com


All products sold on www.mangiarebereuomodonna.com are usually in stock. Due to the possibility of multiple purchases at the same time by different users, Mangiare Bere Uomo Donna reserves the right, once the order has been received, to verify the availability of the goods and, in case of missing stock, to promptly notify the non-acceptance of the order sent. No liability can be attributed to Mangiare Bere Uomo Donna for mistaken order, as for each order you are automatically sent an order overview email to your e-mail box. This confirmation message summarizes all data entered by the customer who is responsible to verify its correctness and promptly notify any modification. The items on sale are actually those listed in our online catalogue and coincide, except for occasional refusals, with the product name, the manufacturer and the features on the product files. Each product on sale on the site is associated with a photograph. Due to variations in the manufacturer’s packaging, in some cases, the images may not exactly reflect the appearance of the delivered product. These changes are not considered as substitution or alteration of the product offered on this site. For each order, Mangiare Bere Uomo Donna issues invoice, if it is requested upon completing the order and send via mail. No change is possible after the invoice is issued.


All prices published on www.mangiarebereuomodonna.com are expressed in Euros, include VAT (and any taxes or excises that the article is subject to) and are subject to periodic changes without prior notice. The prices shown do not include shipping costs, that will be calculated and displayed upon order confirmation, subject to any discounts, offers and/or promotions. The price indicated is always the real price and Mangiare Bere Uomo Donna will always deliver the order, except in cases when the price is altered by fraudulent third parties or when the price indicated is false due to a typo. In these cases, Mangiare Bere Uomo Donna  reserves the right not to execute the order. The Customer is not obliged to purchase the same product  at a price different from the one displayed on the site.


Shipping is carried out on average within 1-2 working days on the national territory. Shipping arrangements and shipping rates are detailed in the Shipping and Delivery section.


It is the Customer’s responsibility to check the completeness of the package contents and their status before accepting the courier delivery. In the event that the Customer receives damaged or incomplete packages, he or she is only required to withdraw the full and complete package/s and return the others to the sender. Mangiare Bere Uomo Donna will replace and send the new ones. If damaged or missing products are out of stock, the Customer will be contacted and will be offered replacement products. Alternatively, we will return the amount already paid.


All purchases on Mangiare Bere Uomo Donna are subject to the provisions of the Legislative Decree no. 21 of 21 February 2014, which guarantees the Customer the right to withdraw. More details in the Right of Withdrawal section. In case of withdrawal from the purchase, the amount paid will be returned, subtracted from the real amount for shipment (if the bucket has already been shipped) and from any bank commissions to which payment by credit card is subject.


Mangiare Bere Uomo Donna guarantees product quality and compliance.
Before selling our products, they undergo several strict tests to ensure the high-level standards, we want our clients to enjoy. You can find a short description for every product on Mangiare Bere Uomo Donna. Images and colours of the products on sale on Mangiare Bere Uomo Donna  may vary from the original due to your Internet browser of monitor settings.


Mangiare Bere Uomo Donna reserves the right to temporarily suspend, without prior notice, the provision of the Services for the time strictly necessary for the technical and/or appropriate technical interventions to improve the quality of the Services themselves. Mangiare Bere Uomo Donna may at any time interrupt the performance of the Service for security reasons or confidentiality violations.



From January 9, 2016, some new provisions have been introduced, especially by D.Lgs. 6 August 2015, no. 130 and by EU Regulation no. 524/2013 on Alternative Dispute Resolution and Online Dispute Resolution.
The purpose of this legislation is to encourage friendly resolution of disputes between professionals and consumers through alternative methods, such as the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and the Online Dispute Resolution (ODR).
To this end, a European Dispute Resolution platform (http://dec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/) was created. Through the ODR platform, consumers will be able to know the list of ADR bodies, find the link to each of them and start an online dispute resolution procedure for an online contract they are involved in.
At this time, Mangiare Bere Uomo Donna does not use any ADRs referred to in art. 141-bis and ss. Consumption Code. As far as third party sellers are concerned, each of them will indicate – directly in our Vendor File page, which you can access by visiting the site – detailed information about its possible adherence to one or more ADR entities.

In any case, whatever the outcome of the out-of-court settlement procedure, you have the right to appeal to the ordinary court and, if the conditions are met, to promote an out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes following the procedures in Part V, Title II-bis Consumption Code.


The General Sales Terms may be changed at any time. Any changes and/or new conditions will immediately be effective.

Mangiare Bere Uomo Donna is a restaurant, bed & breakfast located in the center of Suzzara. A welcoming place to spend a nice evening eating good food. Now we are also an online shop, buy our fine wines on our site
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