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After graduating in Bachelor of Business Administration from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, she was hired by a multinational company in the textile sector. From the cultivation of cotton to the production of more than a million shirts a year. She decided to quit this promising job after 2 years. With a backpack on her shoulders, she left Hong Kong and traveled around the world alone for a year. Returned home from this experience, she decided to devote herself to journalism specialised in travel and gastronomy programs. One day she saw a job posting for Hong Kong’s Cable TV group as a screenwriter for a new travel and food channel. Among 3000 candidates she was taken for this life-changing job. Together with her team she has produced many shows with famous Hong Kong celebrities. In 2006, she decided to change her life again, but this time it’s different. Driven by the desire to deepen her knowledge of food, from the land to the table, she applies for and was admitted to the Quality Food master degree of the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Italy. The University was founded by Carlo Petrini, founder and president of Slow Food Association. In 2007, after 3 months of internship at Slow Food International and Slow Food Presidia, she participated in the organization of the 2007 Cheese event. After graduation in master degree, she decided to stay in Italy because she was hired by the University as tutor, in the tutor office where tutors organised study trips for undergraduate students and accompanied students to regional, European and non-European destinations. So she met her future husband, Corrado, who was already working in the tutor office. In 2009, they decided to return to Corrado’s birthplace, Suzzara, together with his family, they renovated the old building where Corrado’s grandparents, father, uncle and aunt lived. They keep the old structure and at the same time give new life to this house, transforming it into a small restaurant with 25 seats with wine bar and bed and breakfast. All managed by this young couple. Thanks to the experience gained previously, in search of ingredients and ideas for safeguarding tradition, a menu comes to life consisting of traditional national dishes and authentic oriental dishes.




Much of my life has revolved around food. During my 5-year study in the Agricultural Institute, I watched food from afar. Then at Parma University, I studied Food Science and Technology and learned to look at them from the inside. For a short time I also played with it (research & development) but then I remembered one thing that I was always taught since I was a child: don’t play with food, you have to respect it!

For almost 2 years I held the position of quality control manager and I got to know food from a critical point of view which it is necessary to defend oneself in order to avoid diseases.

Then I changed continent, hemisphere and life, but once again the food did not abandon me: I lived in Australia for a year, I worked as a waiter and for the first time I was in the food service industry. I felt I was its servant and its carrier. At the same time, however, I was thanking food because it was bringing me closer to people.

Then I returned to Italy and worked in University of Gastronomic Sciences. I discovered many other things behind food production, marketing and consumption of food.

I decided to focus on food quality and its territorial expression, and wine study comes into food pairing. Continue my study to become official wine steward, numerous wine tasting sections and wineries visits, in the last 10 years of my career, I have built an interesting wine cellar, not only Italian but also International wine labels, above all based on the selection of local and indigenous grape vines. Few years ago, we decided to build an online shop dedicated to our wine cellars, so that we can share our experiences with more customers all over the world.

Mangiare Bere Uomo Donna is a restaurant, bed & breakfast located in the center of Suzzara. A welcoming place to spend a nice evening eating good food. Now we are also an online shop, buy our fine wines on our site
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